So you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is regarding the new Hidden Springs Agrihood Community in Fredericksburg TX.  Don’t feel bad if you are not familiar with the term because its relatively new.  There are definitely a variety of concepts attached to what an Agrihood is all about.    So let’s start with a quick definition of an Agrihood – (from wikipedia): It’s a concept where a community that is based around integrating farms and gardens into neighborhoods, or vice versa.[1] This integration in turn allows for communities to supply themselves with food. Most of this food production is heavily influenced by organic and sustainable agriculture.

At Hidden Springs we have reserved 30 acres of our 753 acre master planned community and dubbed it ‘The Green’.  We’ve dedicated it to a hybrid of this Agrihood concept.  We say hybrid because unlike most agrihoods where the community does the work, at Hidden Springs we will have a professional oversee and harvest all the gardens.  So that means that while you can get your hands a little dirty if you’d like you are also able to just stop by and reap the benefits of the fruit and vegetables that will be grown at the Green.  And that’s just the beginning.  Here’s a list of some of the other benefits unique to our Hidden Springs Agrihood:

  • 30 Acre Nature Preserve
  • Community Gardens and Orchards
  • An Open-Air Community Pavilion
  • Butterfly Gardens

Obviously trying to communicate all the unique things that we have in store is near impossible to do on a simple web site page.  But if you call us or email us we can arrange a showing and can explain in better detail all the benefits of our Fredericksburg Agrihood!

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