A home among the hills, trees and gardens—it’s nothing short of sublime.

You’ll likely have to catch your breath again when you see this 753 acre master planned community for the first time. It is artfully designed to meld 5 to 10 acre homesites with a 30 Acre Nature Preserve, we call “The Green”.

The Green features thoughtfully planned spring fed orchards, community vegetable, herb, fruit, and flower gardens, walking paths, nature observation points, playgrounds and an open-air community pavilion. You can immerse yourself in solitude or in genuine, new friendships.

Friends and families will find it easy to live connected to one another here—all while still staying connected to the world. Whether it’s with state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Internet or natural community gathering spots, Hidden Springs brings people together in a place of natural, harmonic balance.

This gated community is designed to be more akin to what is known as an agri-hood concept, where people can connect with the land and each other. We describe it a little like utopia with neighborhoods.

Imagine a place where your kids and grandkids can be free to just play outside—a place where people look out for one another.

Your home along the garden path is waiting for you!

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