Feast your eyes and warm your heart.

The Green at Hidden Springs is a carefully planned and purposed 30 Acre Nature Preserve. It is based on the historical open spaces found long ago in small towns across America where the community came together in a common area known as “The Green.” It was a place of meeting, holding the fair, and selling produce and was the touch point for shared life.

You see, neighborhoods and communities are more than just streets and houses. The good ones are people-focused. Here at Hidden Springs we believe God designed us to live as a community in a real-world, friendly, caring and sharing sense. Most of us have an innate longing to live where neighbors know neighbors by name and wave at each other when they pass.

At Hidden Springs our vision is to create an environment where neighbors have a gathering point for sharing their love of nature together.

From coast to coast, there’s a quiet renaissance rising across America, as smart, intuitive developers are re-thinking community life. A major feature of that thinking is an expansion of the urban agri-hood concept into sub-rural communities.

Hidden Springs is the only acreage community in the Hill Country where residents will not only have the space to have their own gardens or even small farm, but shared community gardens, orchards and natural spaces. Think about what it will be like to gather heirloom seeds for next spring’s vegetable and herb garden from The Green. We mean it when we say “enjoy the fruits of your neighbors.”

Just think, your water is not chemically treated and not only is the produce fresh, but residents have the opportunity to share a common ardor for nature-watching, gardening and more all within a vast 30 Acre Nature Preserve. There’s something naturally friendly about Hidden Springs—something balanced.


Other developments are only green with envy while Hidden Springs quietly boasts:


  • 30 Acre Nature Preserve
  • Community Gardens and Orchards
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Picnic tables & chairs overlook a beautiful pond fed from fresh, chemical free Hill Country water
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