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Well we believe that Audrey Hepburn would have loved Hidden Springs.  That might sound like a bold or random claim, but she was once quoted “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”  If you are a huge fan of Audrey, you know that she was an avid gardener.  She had a love for growing flowers, fruit, and vegetables and enjoying the tastes and colors of her labor.  She loved fresh food.  Part of her passion for fresh food came from surviving the Winter of Hunger (when supply lines to Holland were cut off).  Her early experiences during the war, and her near-starvation throughout the German occupation of Holland never really left her.  (1)

In response to the railway strike, food transports to the western Netherlands were banned. After six weeks the ban was withdrawn, but the supply remained frozen because of the dismantled railway network and the German requisitioning of goods. During the harsh winter of 1944/45, the “so-called hunger winter,” there were severe food shortages in the cities. (2)

Therefore, I know without a doubt, if Audrey had known about the concept of an Agrihood and came to Hidden Springs, she would have loved it.  As mentioned in a prior post, Hidden Springs is the Agrihood nestled in between the destination town of Fredericksburg, TX and the quaint and charming Comfort, TX.  Agrihoods are starting to take root (pun intended) across the United States; centered around community gardens and orchards where residents learn and grow fresh, organic produce and embrace the farm-to-table lifestyle.  Does this type of concept resonate with you?  Well for now there is acreage for sale in Fredericksburg TX, in our Agrihood based community, Hidden Springs.  Come on by, we’d love to show you around!

The Green

Hidden Springs has a 30-acre preserve in the middle of the community dedicated to making this farm-to-table lifestyle happen.  In the master plan, and in-progress right now there are fruit, olive trees, and grape vines planted.  Herb and vegetable gardens and chickens are on the way.  There will be a focus on organic and non-GMO herbs, fruits and vegetables while creating a sustainable ecosystem, complete with bees (stay tuned for more on that next week).  All this will be settled in between walking trails and a catch and release fish pond.  And, to top it all off, it is in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.

Oh my, doesn’t this all sound amazing?  If, like Audrey, you love fresh food and want to be a part of growing your food, or having the option to get it right in your neighborhood, see us.  Hidden Springs has entered Phase II, the final phase of selling, so don’t wait too long, come check it out!  This community does a great job of helping you believe in tomorrow.  So if you are looking for acreage for sale in Fredericksburg TX, come on by or just book a tour!


In anticipation of what’s next,

CJ, Hidden Springs Green-Thumb





(3) Art purchased and use granted:





Hidden Springs
10180 South US Hwy 87,
(between Comfort & Fredericksburg)
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

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